Advising Lawmakers and Testing Policy

The transportation energy industry is complicated, and so are the policies that regulate the industry. We help policy makers understand how the business works and how the regulations they develop affect the supply, demand, distribution and price of energy. We apply our years of industry experience and our rich network of contacts to test and analyze developing policy. Stillwater Associates works to bring the energy industry and regulators together to develop effective energy policy.

Federal Policy Experts

Stillwater advises clients on Federal regulations like the Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS) and Clean Air Act (CAA). From the carbon intensity of crude oil to vehicle tailpipe emissions, these sets of regulations govern the way transportation fuels are refined, blended, and sold.

Under the RFS, gasoline and diesel importers, refiners, and marketers are obligated to blend renewable fuels with their product at a percentage set by the EPA. We are authorities on the RFS and have studied and consulted on all aspects of the standard including the compliance market and the credits used to meet compliance, Renewable Identification Numbers (RINs), available renewable fuel volume, cellulosic technology market readiness, the ethanol blendwall, and the Point of Obligation.

Under the CAA, all stakeholders in the transportation fuels industry are required to meet air quality emissions standards. These standards are variable by geographic location and are different for summer and winter blends. We are experts in air quality compliance areas and the market effects of seasonal gasoline blend transition.

California Regulatory Specialists

California leads the nation in clean air and climate change policy. California’s smog reduction efforts have led to the most stringent air quality laws in the country. The enactment of AB32, the California Global Warming Solutions Act, launched the Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) and the Cap and Trade programs. These programs, administered by the Air Resources Board (ARB), are the models for greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction efforts around the country. Stillwater is a leading expert in California air quality and GHG reduction regulations. We have studied the development of the LCFS and Cap and Trade programs from their inception and consult on behalf of regulated parties and policy makers.

Once the LCFS was under way, we saw the need for regulated parties and policy makers to receive regular data and analysis on the credit market and the evolution of the LCFS. In 2015, we launched Stillwater Publications to host our Stillwater LCFS Newsletter, a subscription service dedicated to delivering our unique analysis of the California LCFS and LCFS-style standards under development around the country.

Our experience runs deep

We understand these regulations and their impact on the transportation fuels market. Stillwater provides our industry clients with effective strategies to navigate the changing regulatory landscape. We provide our regulatory clients the transportation fuels expertise they need to create good policies.

Please contact us to learn more about our policy services.

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