Technology Development

Pursuing and Supporting New Energy Technologies

Technology development is the key to clean energy and reduced dependence on imported oil. This is an exciting time for new transportation energy technologies. Stillwater Associates looks for innovative solutions to transportation energy problems. We provide clients with new technologies the strategies they need to bring their solutions to market.

Many of our associates have personally been active in technology development and several of them hold patents in the transportation energy space. We have provided support on technology development projects in all areas of the downstream market. In the renewable fuels space, we have advised on cellulosic fuel refining projects and efforts to convert biomass to power. In the traditional fuels space, we have provided guidance on carbon capture and sequestration, upgrading refinery residual products, logistics software cloud solutions, and refinery enhancements to meet GHG reduction requirements.

Our clients include integrated oil and gas companies, renewable fuels start-ups, and alternative energy power companies. Our highly-experienced team provides innovators the strategies they need to solve the tough transportation energy problems.

Our experience runs deep

Our associates are innovators who have developed successful transportation fuels technologies. Our expertise coupled with real-world downstream experience creates competitive advantage for our clients.

Please contact us to learn more about our technology development services.

Lead Team Members In Technology

  • David Hackett — President

    Dave Hackett is the president of Stillwater Energy Group which operates in the refining and power industries. As a principal in an energy technology company, his work is dedicated to the development of projects which combine petroleum, power, and GHG reduction.

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  • Michael Leister — Senior Associate

    Over Michael Leister's career, he has gained substantial research and process control experience. For fifteen years he has performed research into vehicles and fuels as part of the Coordinating Research Council, an automotive and oil organization for which Michael is also the president of the board. He was also the project manager for the installation of digital and supervisory controls in three refineries and designed the system for two more. Michael has specialized expertise in unit models for supervisory controls.

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  • Leigh Noda — Senior Associate

    Leigh Noda's has considerable experience with a wide range of new technologies including those dealing with gas conversions to liquid, reformulated gasoline, sulfur removal from diesel fuel, and reforming and hydrotreating unit operations. While working for World GTL, Inc. Leigh co-developed the repurposing of methanol plants for gas-to-liquids production. His work resulted in moving a 1,000 tonne-per-day methanol plant to Trinidad and Tobago and converting to the Fischer-Tropst process for diesel production. During his time at ARCO Leigh was part of the team that developed EC-1 gasoline - the first commercial fuel formulated specifically to reduce vehicle emissions. The project involved the design of the fuel specifications and the analysis of refinery operations to insure production viability. EC-1 was Product of the Year in Forbes Magazine. Leigh has also performed technical and business due diligence on a unique concept to skid-mount an innovated ambient temperature sulfur removal technology for use at product terminals and has done technical and business due diligence for technologies in the fuels processing area for various clients. While at ARCO he developed and implemented improvements to the reforming and hydrotreating operations that resulted in better yield and catalyst performance, and lower operating costs.

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  • Sid White — Senior Associate

    Sid White has extensive experience with syngas, hydrotreating and hydrocracking, methanol production, bio-gasification and bio-mass drying, and Fischer–Tropsch synthesis. During his time with World GTL, Inc. he was the lead engineer responsible for moving a 1,000 tonne-per-day methanol plant to Trinidad and Tobago and in the process converting the plant to diesel production. During his time at Sundrop Fuels, Sid was responsible for gasification equipment to produce hydrogen and CO. Sid also has experience with methanol-to-gasoline process, High Temperature Winkler Gasification, biomass drying, and the gasification product clean-up process.

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