What is Stillwater’s Brain Trust Thinking About, and How Can it Benefit You? 

October 4, 2022 By ,

October 4, 2022

By Kendra Seymour

eco-skies, courtesy CEVA Logistics

Stillwater’s greatest strength stems from our uniquely qualified team of experts. Call them OGs, The Big Brains, Senior Associates, Gurus; whatever you call them, they leverage decades of experience at major transportation fuel corporations to help clients navigate challenges with the highest level of industry knowledge, market analysis, policy insight, and emerging technology strategies. 

From crude oil and gasoline to renewable fuels, we are experts in policy, logistics, refining, and retail marketing. Through our expertise, our clients receive the competitive advantage they need to succeed. One key to our continued success is our regular brainstorming sessions which help us identify the next industry hot topics and areas where we can help clients gain an edge.  

Next week, Stillwater will gather in person and virtually for our annual meeting, including several brainstorming sessions. If you could be a fly on the wall, what topics would you hear us discuss? Here’s our “jumping-off” point including what we’ve been ruminating on recently:  

  1. How will the Inflation Reduction Act and Infrastructure Bills change the industry? 
  2. Refinery maintenance deferrals – what happens if a whole bunch of refineries go offline?
  3. How will changes to the RFS (end of SREs and addition of e-RINs) impact the industry? 
  4. How will ICE sales bans impact the transport sector? 
  5. How can industry solve the feedstock availability issue for Renewable Diesel and SAF? 
  6. What is the impact of California’s Cap at the Rack on RD and BD economics and rack prices more broadly? Is it a more influential incentive for renewable diesel and biodiesel than LCFS price? How will other state C&T programs impact rack prices?  

We’ll discuss this and much more at our “meeting of the minds” next week, and what is gleaned from the brain trust will then be funneled into helping our clients navigate the industry. Could you use Stillwater’s help in one or more of these areas? Contact us to find out more.  


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