West Coast Watch

Stillwater’s West Coast Watch

West Coast Watch is a transportation fuels market information portal which Stillwater launched in 2020. WCW offers data and news on the petroleum and renewable fuels markets as well as Stillwater’s exclusive analysis all in one place. Watch our intro video to find out more.

Three features to keep you informed:

1. DataWatch – Petroleum product and renewable fuels supply and demand data plus Stillwater’s exclusive Refining Margin Index offer a full picture of the West Coast transportation fuels market.

2. WCW Market Analysis – Stillwater’s exclusive analysis on the West Coast transportation fuels market. This monthly report offers valuable forward-looking insights on recent market developments. View a sample.

3. NewsWatch – Delivers curated, up-to-date reporting on the West Coast transportation fuels market from trusted sources.

Stillwater Special Reports

Through our West Coast Watch platform, we also publish quarterly special reports covering changes in the economy or new regulations and how they impact the transportation fuels market. Stillwater Special Reports are off-the-shelf analyses offering our exclusive view on how external forces impact the production, distribution, sale, and consumption of transportation fuels.