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Downstream Oil & Gas M&A Part 3:  The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

January 15, 2021 , ,

January 15, 2020 By Vaughn Hulleman with Leigh Noda and Barry Schaps In our first article in this three-part series, we identified the unique impacts of the pandemic on oil products’ demand and pointed out that by the time the pandemic has resolved, there will likely be increased environmental legislation risk negatively affecting the sector. As such, acquiring downstream oil...
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Downstream Oil & Gas M&A Part 2: A Fistful of Dollars

December 15, 2020 , , ,

December 15, 2020 By Vaughn Hulleman with Leigh Noda and Barry Schaps On November 15th, we published the first article of a three-part series on downstream oil and gas mergers and acquisitions. That first article covered macro and regional factors that may help answer the question at hand. This is the second article in our Downstream Oil & Gas M&A...
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Downstream Oil & Gas M&A Part 1: Pssst… Want to Buy a Refinery?

November 18, 2020 , ,

November 15, 2020 By Vaughn Hulleman & Jim Mladenik The petroleum industry is known for its cyclic nature, and, traditionally, value-buyers find opportunity to acquire assets during periods of stress. The current reduction in oil products’ demand brought on by the pandemic, along with other factors, have severely distressed downstream oil and gas assets. Several refineries have already shut down...
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Buying in the Dip

August 26, 2020 ,

August 26, 2020 By Kendra Seymour By now, it’s no secret that the fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic and the ensuing quarantine culture has had serious effects on transportation fuels markets as people are traveling by car and by plane much less frequently. These effects are likely to linger for some time, but eventually life will return to a new...
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