Stillwater Provides Research and Analysis to EIA PADD 5 Transportation Fuels Report

October 6, 2015 By

October 5, 2015


On September 30th, EIA released the PADD 5 Transportation Fuels Markets report, the first in a series of studies on U.S. regional fuels markets. Stillwater was privileged to provide our expertise for this study which examines U.S. West Coast petroleum product markets. Our research and analysis for this report covers:

  • Demand, including in-region consumption, transfers of fuels to other PADDs and other regions within PADD 5.
  • Supply, including refinery production, receipts of fuels produced in other PADDs and other regions within PADD 5, and imports.
  • Distribution infrastructure, including storage terminals, pipelines, rail facilities, marine loading and unloading facilities, and marine vessel availability.

PADD 5 has often been called a transportation fuels island. It is geographically isolated from other refining centers in the U.S. There are very few pipelines into the region from other PADDs. Travel time by tanker from Gulf Coast refining centers (PADD 2) is 10 days. It can take between three and four weeks to import product from Asia and Europe. On top of the geographic isolation, unique gasoline and diesel blending specifications – especially in California – make it difficult to cover product shortfall from one area to another. This report analyzes the challenges of supply to PADD 5 and the methods to meet demand within the sub-regions of the U.S. West Coast.