Stillwater Offers Webinars on Petroleum Logistics

June 25, 2014 By

June 24, 2014

by Michael Soares

Stillwater Associates has begun to offer webinars on subjects related to the distribution of refined petroleum products. We have found that webinars are a great way to conveniently offer our expertise in a manner that is a lot less expensive than a residence seminar. In this way we can offer attendees an opportunity ask questions and discuss any area of the syllabus, and we can support their research on the specifics of petroleum logistics.

Our first offering was Transportation Fuels Logistics 101 (TFL101), a four part course designed to deliver basic information on how crude oil is found, manufactured into gasoline and diesel, and delivered to the public. TFL101 was developed to educate those outside the petroleum industry on how the transportation fuels supply chain functions. The goal is to translate the most technical terms and definitions into standard business language. The course is based on practical not theoretical information so that the student can understand the current state of the business.

The live version of TFL101, which recently took place on May 7th and 14th, included material for independent research and study in order to broaden the discussion and stimulate debate. The full recorded version of this webinar is available for purchase and download now for $600.00. TFL101 is organized into four modules which are also available for individual purchase for $175.00:

  • The Full TFL101 Course: Modules 1-4
  • Module I: Exploration & Production
  • Module II: Refinery Operations
  • Module III: Midstream Terminal Operations
  • Module IV: Downstream Retail, Wholesale and Commercial Operations
  • Our next course will focus on the issues around crude-by-rail (CBR). We will provide the most up to date information on moving crude oil from the newly developed fields of North Dakota. We will explain the role of the government, Class 1 and 2 railroads, rail car lessors and other supporting organizations. This course will help sort out the competing issues that have caused a great deal of concern among cities and towns most affected by unit trains. Our CBR webinar is coming soon. Stay tuned for details!