Stillwater Associates offers several features which enhance overall project management and coordination. Our team, made up of highly-skilled project coordinators, has excellent strengths in coordinating the tasks of multiple companies, while simultaneously managing the project within one, comprehensive schedule. We use an exceptional operating system and reporting process for monitoring the multiple needs of projects. We take a proactive approach, including consistent observation of overall tasks, ensuring that all project milestones and deadlines, including the final project outcome, are effectively met on time and within budgetary guidelines.

Stillwater uses Project Insight software to manage projects. Project Insight is a highly secure, completely web-based system. The web-based feature enables team members to access, edit, and update project information from anywhere at any time. Project Insight allows us to manage all schedule due dates and major milestones for the project. The program offers a centralized location for document sharing, allowing the entire project team to be on the same page and to have access to all documents; this is especially important when several companies are working on one project. Resources are allocated to each task which will then aid in determining if any resource is over allocated with their workload which could eventually lead to missed deadlines. Reports to determine exactly how much time each resource has spent on a scheduled item, for any given time period, are additionally available within Project Insight. These reports assist in determining where the project is in terms of the budget.

On a bi-weekly to weekly basis, the Stillwater project team monitors schedule due dates, project milestones and budget status. Additionally, when unforeseen issues arise, the project team is able to address them and adjust the schedule, accordingly. Project team members are skilled at identifying the appropriate time to bring in additional resources to manage unexpected issues, when necessary. Stillwater Associates has additionally incorporated a weekly report, known as the 5 x 15 report; fifteen minutes to write and five minutes to read. This report allows project team members to summarize what has occurred during the current week and to plan for the next steps of project. This report makes it possible for the team to be proactive instead of reactive in their efforts. Moreover, the simple and concise nature of the report enables team members to manage activities without having to devote excessive time to reporting.

Stillwater Associates offers a variety of skilled staff, resources, and systems to effectively manage project operations. The tools and systems we use are of the highest caliber, and we maintain a reputation for excellence in project coordination which consistently meets and exceeds expectations.