Stillwater Associates has the expertise to assist clients in developing and reviewing drafts of key hydrocarbon liquids-related commercial agreements such as:

  • Pipeline Joint Venture Agreements
  • Transportation and Storage Agreements
  • Terminal Agreements
  • Purchase and Sales Agreements
  • Crude Lifting Agreements
  • Production Handling Agreements

Our expertise in these areas will help ensure that the contracts are clear, transparent and unambiguous and that the parties to the contracts have an equal understanding how the contracts will be operated and administered. If requested, Stillwater can outline key points and considerations that should be taken into account during the initial formation of the potential transaction prior to the drafting of a potential agreement. Our experience indicates that once key terms of a potential transactions are formed, and most importantly once the potential transaction gets to the drafting stage, it is difficult to make any significant change without creating a misunderstanding. That is why early input is crucial to enhancing the likelihood of a successful business outcome.