California’s Clean Truck Regulation: How will the ACT Impact Medium- and Heavy-Duty Vehicle Fuel Demand and Emissions?

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November 18, 2020

Through our new West Coast Watch platform, Stillwater is pleased to offer this forward-looking view on the possible changes to medium- and heavy-duty vehicle fuel demand and emissions under California’s Advanced Clean Truck Regulation. This Stillwater Special Report provides an overview of California’s Advanced Clean Truck Rule (ACT) and its impacts on medium- and heavy-duty vehicle (MHDV) fuels demand and emissions including:

  1. A definition of the ACT and the regulatory provisions used to mandate and incentivize ZEV sales.
  2. A look back at the history of California ZEV mandates.
  3. The impact on demand for transportation fuels with specific projections for petroleum diesel, renewable diesel, biodiesel, and natural gas demand.
  4. Projections for how the ACT may improve efficiency and emissions including GHG, particulate matter, and NOx reduction performance.

At first glance, the ACT seems to enforce a radical change to the current MHDV fleet by mandating the replacement of internal combustion engine (ICE) technology and destroying demand for diesel, and by extension, renewable diesel, biodiesel, and renewable and petroleum natural gas. Stillwater’s objective look at the ACT’s provisions, historic performance of ZEV mandates, and transportation fuel demand projections provides a measured view of the power of the ACT to change the market.

This report is an excellent resource for MHDV manufacturers, fleet operators, fuels producers, marketers, retailers, investors, and industry trade associations for understanding how the ACT may change the fuels landscape in California and other states that have agreed to adopt the regulation. To purchase this off-the-shelf analysis, visit the Special Reports section of our West Coast Watch portal.


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