Amid year of global uncertainty, Stillwater launches West Coast Watch and proprietary Refining Margin Index

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On November 17th, Stillwater Associates launched the West Coast Watch. This market information portal provides refined petroleum product and renewable fuels supply and demand data, industry news, and analysis to help industry leaders understand the market, spot opportunities, and act confidently.


The West Coast transportation fuels market is often referred to as an island, full of complexities and obstacles defined by its geographic isolation. Unlike the efficient pipeline systems that run from the Gulf Coast to New York Harbor, the West Coast lacks the same networked infrastructure to efficiently reach markets in California, Oregon, and Washington. Instead, fuels not produced on the West Coast must be delivered by rail, tanker, barge, and truck.

Furthermore, the West Coast transportation fuels market is rapidly changing with significant market impacts just this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the push to de-carbonize. Fuel producers, marketers, retailers, and investors need a clear view of refining profitability and fuels supply and demand trends.

According to Stillwater Associates president, Dave Hackett, this geographic isolation – along with unique gasoline and diesel specifications, and greenhouse gas reduction regulations – make the West Coast an exceptionally challenging environment. Hackett says that “Even in the best of times, the region’s fuel producers, marketers, retailers, and investors face very different economic pressures than the rest of the country. It can be difficult for stakeholders in the West Coast market to find the right information to navigate these unique changes and seize opportunity.” West Coast Watch fills that void, offering Stillwater’s expertise on this unique regional market alongside the pertinent information to paint a full picture of the transportation fuels fundamentals on the West Coast so stakeholders can make profitable decisions.

Stillwater’s West Coast Watch membership includes access to the DataWatch dashboard, which provides regional supply and demand data for finished petroleum products and renewable fuels. The DataWatch dashboard also includes Stillwater’s exclusive Refining Margin Index. This proprietary index accounts for the typical crude run in West Coast refineries, the cost of compliance with greenhouse gas-reduction regulations, and local refined product prices. It is designed around the region’s three major market enclaves: Southern California, Northern California, and the Pacific Northwest.

The second component of the West Coast Watch portal is the NewsWatch, delivering curated, timely reporting on the transportation fuels market.

The final component of the portal is Stillwater’s Market Analysis ­– a monthly report on the latest refining, petroleum product, and renewable fuels trends. This analysis delivers Stillwater’s exclusive take on market developments and offers valuable forward-looking insights on what these developments may mean for stakeholders.

Stillwater Associates has provided transportation fuels consulting services for over 20 years. Stillwater’s associates leverage decades of experience at major oil companies to help our clients recognize and navigate real-world challenges and provide strategic solutions to optimize outcomes. Our associates have lived in operations and executive roles at large corporations and understand the market opportunities and pitfalls. Our experience runs deep. Contact us to learn more!


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