mergersThe transportation fuels industry is extremely competitive, and assets change hands often. Stillwater Associates offers solutions and support to energy companies in the mergers and acquisitions process which keeps companies moving forward. We help maximize return on investment while minimizing risk for our clients, and we achieve these goals by leveraging our industry expertise and financial modeling to screen and evaluate potential acquisitions. We can help integrated oil and gas companies identify the right buyer for an underused property, find a strategic asset for a transportation energy start-up looking to expand, or assist an investment firm in acquiring a transportation energy company.

Our process is thorough and successful. We’ve helped clients acquire pipeline, terminal, and refining assets all over the country. Throughout the acquisition process we study the asset, perform due-diligence around its commercial and engineering aspects, and assure that our clients receive accurate valuations prior to purchase. Once a successful acquisition has completed, we remain on hand to help with the transition.

Our clients include integrated oil and gas companies, transportation energy start-ups, and investment firms. Recently, we assisted One Rock Capital Partners in the acquisition of Chevron’s refining and marketing business unit in Hawaii. This acquisition included a 58,000 barrel per day refinery on Oahu, 48 gasoline stations located throughout the Hawaiian Islands, four storage terminals, pipeline distribution systems, and downstream assets. Our highly-experienced team educated the investors on the refining and marketing business in Hawaii’s unique market while aiding the transition of ownership.

Our experience runs deep. Stillwater Associates brings together a unique blend of real-world downstream experience, building competitive advantage and delivering results. Our associates have extensive expertise in energy transactions with particular knowledge in refining operations, storage, pipelines, and retail marketing. The Stillwater team is experienced, accountable, and committed to results.

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