Stillwater Associates offers expert testimony litigation support to law firms and individual clients on energy supply and distribution issues. We advise counsel on how the energy industry functions, analyze the merits of a client’s case, provide case management, write position papers, participate in depositions, and offer testimony. Stillwater Associates has also advised in settlement negotiations.

We have provided expert testimony before the U.S. Congress and the California Public Utilities Commission. We have delivered litigation support services on a wide variety of subjects including the impact of oil company mergers on the marketplace, oil refining and market issues, interstate fuel transit, petroleum operations, and refining business and technical petroleum issues.

Recently Stillwater provided expert witness services to the respondent in an $8 billion case. Our team provided the client an overview of the refining and marketing industries, reviewed the claimant’s expert report, analyzed operating and other data from the facility, and wrote two expert reports disputing the claimant’s expert’s results. The panel found wholly for our client.

Our clients include major oil and gas producers and suppliers; holding companies; multi-national companies; start-ups; processing and distribution companies; developers and owners of renewable energy sources; and trading companies.

Our experience runs deep. Our associates have extensive expertise in energy transactions, oil and refined products pipelines, the sale and purchase of transportation fuels assets such as terminals and refineries, mergers and acquisitions, fuels storage, transmitting arrangements, economic and safety regulations, transportation fuels infrastructure, downstream and midstream markets, and alternative fuels like bio-based diesel.

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