Often when Upstream projects are under development, it maybe difficult for design engineers to see beyond a specific set of capital investment goals. Once plans and decisions are made, or agreements finalized, they are impossible or very costly to change. Careful review and advance planning can insure good results. Stillwater provides a Downstream perspective to Upstream clients in the process of making these important decisions. We advise clients on various aspects of new project development in advance of making these decisions, reviewing draft development plans and commercial agreements, or agreeing to preliminary or final terms and conditions. Our Upstream Commercial and Logistical Support Services include:

  • Development of Business Strategies and Analysis of Opportunities
  • Review of Host Government Production Contracts
    • Crude valuation for fiscal purposes (value on which royalty and tax are paid)
  • Facilities Design
    • Crude stabilization specifications and processes
    • Storage capacity, ship and cargo sizes
    • Commingling, blending or in-field upgrading
    • Loading terminal functional requirements
  • Commercial agreements: Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) or Heads of Agreement (HOAs), and Draft Final Terms and Conditions
    • Production Handling Agreements (PHAs)
    • Transportation, pipeline, storage, or terminal agreements
    • Crude or product offtake agreements
    • Quality bank agreements
    • Purchase and sale agreements
  • Marketing Brochures
    • Succinct commercial and technical information to introduce a new crude or source of product supply to the market

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