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War Stories

War Stories: The devil is in the details

November 16, 2016 by Jeff Kennedy No matter what, refiners want to run crude, the more the better. It doesn’t matter what comes out of the crude, and if you can get a refiner to process a secondary unit feedstock, then the stars have aligned, or you’ve died and gone to heaven! The trick is […]

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War Stories: How much sugar does it take to make sweet crude?

August 8, 2016 James Langley In the early days of Russian oil trading I received a call from a client in Moscow. The client needed expert help in solving a crude oil trading and blending question. He asked: “How much sugar does it take to convert a barrel of sour crude into a barrel of […]

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War Stories: The Downside of Paying Consultants for Performance

Stillwater’s “War Stories” are a series of personal accounts from our Associates about life in the trenches of the transportation fuels industry. Whether they be lessons on consulting, life at the big oil corporations, or navigating the boom-and-bust cycle of the energy markets, our War Stories are an entertaining look at our experience. May 1, […]

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