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Wisdom from the Downstream Wizard

June Update on the Mid Continent Bubble

June 20, 2012 Crude oil spot prices have remained in about the same place since the last blog post, except for Western Canadian Select and Bakken.  WCS has dropped another $2 from June 1, to $22 under WTI.  The Canadian Pacific Railway strike, that ended last Friday, may have played a small part in the […]

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June Opens with More Volatiltiy Inside the Bubble

June 5, 2012 The last time we checked in on the Mid Continent Bubble, the price differentials between WTI and Bakken and WCS had softened.  On May 16, Bakken was $2 under the WTI price of $93 per barrel, and WCS was $15 under.  Since then the price of crude oil has dropped. WTI sold […]

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Update on the Mid Continent Bubble

May 17, 2012 We continue to keep a close eye on the crude oil supply situation in the mid continent. Since the last blog post, the price differentials of marker crudes have shrunk. As you can see from the map, on May 16, WTI was selling at $99 a barrel, down from $103 a barrel […]

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Breaking Out of the Mid Continent Bubble

April 7, 2012 By David Hackett   Oil market observers know that there is a disconnect between the prices of the two benchmark light sweet crude oils, West Texas Intermediate and North Sea Brent. In the past, these oils traded for about the same price. The difference, or spread, between WTI and Brent opened up […]

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Limit of Mid-Continent Crude Distribution

February 22, 2012 By David Hackett I’ll be participating in a panel discussion in Calgary on Thursday, February 23rd, entitled Pipelines and Politics: The Next Steps for Canada’s Critical Transport Infrastructure in the Face of Rising Resistance. In preparation for this discussion, we’ve updated this map on crude distribution and prices. We have been finding […]

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