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Wisdom from the Downstream Wizard

Bubble Map Update: Crude Oil Oversupply Leads to Creative Storage Solutions

January 20, 2015 2015 kicks off with crude oil prices continuing to fall, having dropped over 50 percent since last June. It’s great news for drivers as retail prices have dropped to a nationwide average of $2.05. And it doesn’t seem like anything can stop this party. Even the dreaded California Cap-and-Trade price hike has […]

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Very Merry Bubble Map: A Gift at the Gas Station

December 11, 2014 Filling up the Stillwater Honda Odyssey cost a very jolly $45 this week, the delightful effect of a glut of crude oil supply. The drop in prices at the pump is giving consumers a little unexpected year-end bonus. Crude oil spot prices are the lowest they’ve been since we started this blog. […]

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ANS Feels the Squeeze on the West Coast

October 30, 2014 On Monday with WTI priced at $81 per barrel, Eagle Ford and WTI-Midland were listed at parity with WTI. Bakken at Clearbrook came in at $13 under WTI. While the Western Canadian Select differential has narrowed to $7 under WTI. While we’re seeing discounts in the Mid Continent, prices on the coasts […]

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Lone Star State Makes it Inside the Bubble

September 26, 2014 Crude oil prices in the Texas tight oil producing regions are suffering from the same over-supply problem as the Mid Continent. There’s a lot of crude oil in Texas and prices reflect the oversupply. For that reason, the Bubble has been stretched a bit to include the Lone Star State. Prices for […]

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Casino Royale: California’s Fuels Under the Cap Program

August 19, 2014 by David Hackett Market participants are starting to speculate about the next phase of Cap & Trade under California’s AB32 the Global Warming Solutions Act. That phase, Fuels Under the Cap, is designed to control Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions from transportation fuel, including gasoline, diesel, propane and natural gas. The first phase […]

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