Barry Schaps

Strategic Partner – BPS Consulting, Inc.

Barry Schaps is a senior executive with 34 years experience in the petroleum products, advanced biofuels and ethanol industries with areas of expertise in strategic planning, business development (M&A and divestitures), transportation and logistics (marine, pipeline and trucks), retail marketing, supply and trading, risk management, pricing and operations, and project management. He has developed programs to optimize operational costs, drive business growth, increase strategic market share, maximize asset utilization and enhance sustained efficiencies and effectiveness. Most recently, he has provided consulting services to renewable biofuels startup companies ranging from solar, biotechnology, cellulosic and corn and sugar based ethanol. These firms were looking to develop supply chain expertise for feedstocks and finished products while strategically aligning with traditional oil and gas companies.

Barry received his MBA in Finance from Long Island University in 1980 and a BBA degree from Bernard M. Baruch College, City University of New York in 1975.