Senior Associate pike

Ron spent his undergraduate years at UCLA during which time he interned at Dow Chemical in Long Beach working in the Quality Control Laboratory at the Long Beach Terminal. After receiving his Chemistry degree in 1982 he went to work at Redken Laboratories in Canoga Park, California where he worked as a Quality Control Chemist, then as a Process Engineer, then as a Product Development Chemist. During his time at Redken Laboratories, Ron made improvements to production processes and significant changes to the composition of products to improve their stability and performance.

In 1986 Ron began his career at Mobil working at the Torrance Refinery. He worked as a chemist in the refinery laboratory for two years before becoming the laboratory supervisor. This experience familiarized him with the testing of crude, intermediates, gasoline, jet, diesel, and LPG. He was also responsible for setting up new equipment and new tests including basic testing such as distillation and flash point as well as more analytical testing such as trace sulfur and trace fluorides.

A decade after joining Mobil’s team Ron moved to the position of gasoline blender. He later expanded the role to include blending of all clean products produced at the Torrance Refinery. This position made Ron very familiar with running blending LPs. He coordinated many changes to blending LPs to accommodate changes in regulations and other constraints. Ron gained notoriety for being the only person to successfully blend around all Unocal gasoline patents. In 1999, the Torrance Refinery became part of ExxonMobil. With the merger of Exxon and Mobil, Ron gained the responsibility for Refinery Product Quality. This position offered Ron the opportunity to visit, examine and improve product quality in refineries throughout the world.

Ron retired from ExxonMobil after 30 years working in Refining and Supply.