Senior Associate

David G. Freyman’s professional career has blended together consulting and industrial positions, both as an individual contributor and in management roles. Dave has broad experience ranging from technical evaluations to negotiation of large long-term contracts. Significant areas of concentration have included 1) refining and midstream economics, 2) understanding of markets for natural gas, crude oil, and refined products, and 3) improving the operations of refining and other assets. He also has exposure to and understanding of a broad swath of the energy industry from LNG to power generation.

As a consultant, Dave has led or participated in numerous due diligence reviews of process assets on behalf of project equity participants and lenders. This has included several new processing technology evaluations in the refining and alternate fuels sectors, gas processing and pipeline sectors. In addition, he has served as an expert witness in refining and midstream cases. He has also completed several refinery optimization assignments.

Dave’s 23 year industrial career was at Mobil Oil Corporation (and ExxonMobil), where he had various refinery and head office assignments. His operations and engineering experience span the entire range of refinery processes from heavy oil distillation units and delayed cokers to hydrogen supply and hydrocracking units. He is co-inventor for a key patent associated with ExxonMobil Research & Engineering’s BTXtra process and is well-versed in nearly all conventional and unconventional heavy oil upgrading technologies.

In 2013, Dave became an independent consultant and is serving the downstream and midstream sectors of the oil & gas industry. Current areas of intellectual interest include 1) the relationship between “unconventional” production of oil and gas and refining profitability, and 2) the impact of low natural gas prices relative to oil on overall economic output.

Dave earned a BA in Chemistry and a BS in Chemical Engineering both from Syracuse University. He resides in Plano, Texas.