Arlene A. Freyman received a BS in chemical engineering from The Ohio State University with an emphasis on the enhanced oil recovery program taught by the industry expert H.C. (Slip) Slider. She entered the oil industry at Mobil’s Paulsboro, NJ Refinery gaining experience in fuels processing and oil movements along the east coast. A major accomplishment there was organization of a comprehensive nine-year tank repair program to upgrade facilities and to comply with EPA fugitive emission regulations.

She then joined Radian Corporation (now URS) as a consulting engineer where she provided support to the EPA to promulgate regulations under the Clean Water Act and the Resource Conservation Recovery Act (RCRA). Support included all phases of the regulatory process from identifying point sources, sampling of sources, calculating pollutant loads, identifying treatment processes, and writing technical support documents. Industries that she surveyed included petroleum refining and plastics molding and forming among others.

After seven years in industry and consulting fields, Arlene took time off to raise a family. She now resides in Plano, TX and is glad to return to engineering consulting with Stillwater Associates.